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Reinventing Tutorials

Reinventing tutorials and a reminder of why I love photography so much!


To teach someone how to improve their skills whilst still allowing them to keep that love for photography and the reason for wanting to take pictures in the first place, is of the utmost importance for me!  I love to teach, to help bring on someone's skills and take them to that next step of learning photography (which never stops btw!).

A one-one tuition day costs £100

For two people the cost will be £175.

This is for approximately 5-6 hours (any more than this would be too much to absorb). 


The basics will be discussed (if required), your camera potential will be unlocked, and the technical bits and rules will be explained further.  But more importantly it will keep in line with what you love and want to improve on; if you're not sure, you will be after our days' session!  We will go out into the 'field' depending again on what type of photography you want to do or love (landscape, street, macro etc), and we will put into practice what you have learnt.

I'm based in the Whitby, North Yorkshire area.  Mileage costs additional, if over 10 miles from Whitby.

If this is of interest, or you would like to chat further then please call on 07734726442 or email me on


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