Photographs taken for pleasure, for people, for the love of photography!

It started with an interest in taking a good shot of our gun dogs in action and wanting photos to add to our holiday cottage website.  I didn't know anything about photography but knew when the light was right I was transported.


From then, I volunteered at other shoots and gun dog training.  Plus trying my hand at landscapes.  My geeky side is still the love of bugs and insects, but I find I am in the minority!


Deciding to push my ability, I found it to be popular with people, especially dog lovers, beaters from shoots and holidaymakers coming to our local area. 


Since learning (and continuing to learn photography - because you never stop!) it has given me another passion that links into all my other loves, and I've never looked back.


Please get in touch for an informal chat, if you have a certain type of image in mind.